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  Here you can download relations done by using Geko. They are ZIP archives. After you have unzipped, you can import them in Geko using the "Project" menu, "Open Project" voice. Otherwise import them directly by the "Import (.Zip)" menu function.


Apuan Alps
'Mapo', a route on Piastra Marina Peak
Mapo route, 95m, 6b. Tuscany Apuan Alps of Italy.
With photos.
1.6 MB
'Sasso Scritto', on sea,  climbing site near Livorno (Tuscany) All the present routes (see list). Livorno (Italy).
With photos.
1.4 MB
'Hydra' route
Hydra route, Apuan Alps (640m, 6c max), Italy.
With photos.
2.9 MB
Nello Conti refuge climbing site (Apuan Alps, Italy)
All the routes near the Nello Conti refuge, Tuscany Apuan Alps (Italy). See list.
With photos
5.7 MB
Tognazza 'Andrea Mancin','Gran Diedro','La storia si Sofia e l'Aquila' and 'Baby Jan' routes in Tognazza, Passo Rolle. With photos.
6.4 MB
Piz Ciavazes 'Vinatzer-Riefesser', 'delle Guide' e 'della Rampa' routes on Piz Ciavazes, Passo Sella. With photos. 4.6 MB
'Gluck-Demetz' route on Second Sella Tower, Passo Sella, with photos. 2.5 MB
Parete Calva
The 'Macarena', 'Eretica' and 'Superskippy' routes on Parete Calva, ValSesia in Piemonte, Italy (see report). With photos.
3.8 MB