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  Here you can download Geko. Geko is a freeware program.

 System's requirements

 Geko is written in Java, a portable programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. To run Geko you have to install the Sun's Java platform (at least in version 1.5.0_10) before . You can get it, by free, at the Sun homepage ("http://java.com/download"); Java supports many computers and operating systems as Linux, MacOS and Windows. A good graphic board and 256 Megabytes of system memory make the program faster. Geko is archived under a ZIP file which can be unzipped everywhere on you computer hard disk. To run double click the named "GekoED" jar executable file. Please read the readme.txt present in the archive for further infos. Visit the "Archive" section of this site where you can download route relations done by using Geko.


Version (v1.0r15), 23/11/2011

Geko for Windows user
3590 Kb See image (Vista)
Geko for MacOS users
3302 Kb See image (MacOsX)
Geko for Linux users
3221 Kb See image (Ubuntu)
Geko for Linux (64 bit) users
3305 Kb