- About Geko -

  Geko is a free computer application working as editor of mountaineering or hiking relations. It makes your work faster, to share easily mountain infos. In a very few minutes you can make interactive relations; you can describe a climbing site or a high mountain route. Your work won't be static. A proper file format saves your projects on disk making them easier to be maintained or shared between users. You can render your projects obtaining images to use in several ways. Each project may contain several sectors and each sector could have subsectors; this way you can easy manage very large climbing sites. You can insert many type of "objects" as routes (mono or multipitch, boulders etc), rendering them in several ways. You can add paths, rappel lines, belais, protections, generic labels with text, photos, links to sectors, areas, etc. A built-in 3D engine shows up rock 's conformation by many geometric shapes. Geko makes html pages with all routes listed, easy to import to any word processors. Colors, fonts, lines, antialias are high configurable to satisfy your demands. An help system guides you trought the program. Geko is written in Java, a powerful Sun developing language, which supports many computers and operating systems as Windows, MacOS or Linux. Click here for an online example of the program working. Click here to see some other screenshots.


Here the program interface

program interface